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Glass Blasting Services

Glass blasting is quickly growing in popularity—and for good reason. This technique produces impeccable results while cutting back on environmental impact. Don't hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation and estimate for glass blasting services in Shirley, NY.

Dustless Blasting

The glass we use in our process doesn't contain silica, the substance in sand that makes it harmful to inhale, making it safer and more environmentally-friendly when compared to other types of abrasive media. However, the process still creates dust clouds that can cover an area. If glass blasting is performed on a static structure or in a confined area, the dust can be almost completely eliminated using a technique known as dustless blasting. This involves using special equipment to combine the glass with water, thereby creating a 'sludge' that prevents dust clouds from rising into the air. Although this sounds simple, the process involves specialized equipment and a media that can't dissolve in water.

The cleanup for this process is much simpler than regular glass blasting, as any left-behind particulate matter settles on the ground near the target area. Additionally, we cover the work area with a tarp or plastic sheet to collect the spent media.

Special Project — "The Thing"

We were intrigued when we received the call from the guys at Unique Rides. It was a no-brainer when they asked us to glass blast the VW "Thing" that they were restoring. Wild Bill explained to Will Castro, the owner of Will Castro Designs—a local custom car designer and fabricator—that we could glass blast the car down to the bare metal in only one day. Will was thrilled by what he heard.

The issue with the project was that the car, a VW Thing, had many rusted areas and was in major need of body and panel replacement. In these situations, the best option is to take the car down to the bare metal, allowing you to see what needs to be replaced. Typically, this process takes several days—but they didn't have a few days to wait. So Wild Bill's promise of one-day service was everything Will wanted to hear. We glass blasted the entire vehicle, including small parts and seat frames, down to the raw metal in only one workday. 

Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

Instead of using sand as an abrasive medium, glass blasting uses glass made from pulverized recycled bottles. If not for our services, these glass bottles would end up in landfills.