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Sandblasting Services

Sandblasting is one of the most popular options for cleaning, stripping, smoothing, and roughing surfaces. Reach out to our professionals today to request an estimate for sandblasting services in Shirley, NY. We even offer swimming pool sandblasting.

How It Works

The sandblasting process involves the use of sand granules to remove unwanted paint and tarnish from just about any surface. During the process, there can be large plumes of sand dust thrown into the air. This can be harmful to technicians performing sandblasting, as well as anyone in the area where sandblasting is being performed. To counteract this problem, we always contain our blasting areas. All of our technicians are fully outfitted with a blast suit, protecting them from the harmful silica that is present in sand dust. Once the job is complete, we completely clean and remove all of the debris in the containment area.